National City - El Toyon Rec Center

El Toyon Rec Center


El Toyon is a rec center operated by the city of National City. It serves low income neighborhoods with diverse populations. In addition to being a community meeting and focal point, the rec center also offers after school programs attended by 50-60 children on a daily basis. Activities include board games, organized sports and ceramics classes.

Funding Source

The source of funding for this project was a donation from a generous and civic minded local resident who lives 5 blocks away from the rec center. The project sponsor has offered to pay for all hardware expenses in addition to the monthly ISP fees. h3. Address The location is El Toyon Rec Center: 2005 E. 4th Street National City.


On March 26, 2005, Socalfreenet volunteers completed the installation on Saturday with a large turnout from the local community. Local council members also came by to help, and the installation was featured on the local TV news and in the Union Tribune. The Tribune reported:

On Monday, which was the beginning of spring break, many of the kids at the center were surprised when they saw the new computers. Up to 90 kids a day visit the center.

"They're really excited," said recreation leader Katrina Baca. "A lot of them don't have access to computers or the Internet. They don't want to get off."

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